Evernote, what?

This past week (4/23/13) I had the opportunity to present some information about Evernote to the Lapeer East HS staff. I feel that it went pretty well and was positively received by my colleagues.

This is the beginning of an “Evernote Experiment” for me that I plan to continue over the remainder of this year and next year. Converting all of my teaching materials into Evernote files is definitely going to take a massive amount of work. However, I am excited at the prospect of being able to share teaching materials with my students, their parents, and of course my colleagues and administrators.

I was inspired by Nicholas Provenzano’s Evernote presentation and I hope to gain more insight from his work as I continue over the next year.


One thought on “Evernote, what?

  1. Evernote continues to be a productivity project that I am working on this summer and will introduce to my students next year. I would like them to have access at home to all of our class notes, etc. via Evernote in class binders. However, I still love the idea of paper interactive notebooks for use in class (especially considering that we don’t have a one to one district).


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