First Week of School

I have developed a loose plan for how I will begin the first couple of weeks of school borrowed and based on the ideas of many talented teachers and teacher blogs out there:

Carol Gaab’s 2 week lesson plan is found here:

-Using her basic format for starting with the TPRS lessons and blending with my Realidades TPRS book so that I can cover the stuff that will be on the common assessment in our district as well (200 question scantron vocabulary matching and multiple choice).

The Comprehensible Classroom found here:

-I like her ideas for seating charts and pairing kids up into random groups later on.

Profa Baro’s Interactive Notebooks (yay, no more binders that fall apart) found here:
-I am totally going to try this out for next year with my Spanish 2 and 3 classes.

Also, I am going to give Standards-Based Grading using ACTFL Proficiency Guidelines a go for next year. See this chart created by Martina Bex found here:

I am poring over Profa Baro’s Curriculum ideas because her stuff is so well organized and she rocks the Interactive Notebooks. I will definitely be referencing her stuff a lot as well as Kristy Placido and Martina Bex. I hope that my curriculum in the end truly becomes my “own” and I know that I have some excellent master teachers to look up to for guidance in that goal.

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