Summer Studies- Keeping the Flame Burning

I have had a very select few students (my “superstars”) over the past 10 years ask me about things they could do to keep up with their language studies over the summer break. I am always thrilled when I have students ask me this and I scramble to come up with some ideas that don’t involve handing them a textbook.

One of my favorite things to do is loan out Spanish readers that are not included in our curriculum (so there is no overlap with what they will study in the future) and let them just enjoy free reading and exploring cultural themes, etc. that they discover through the readings.

I never had access to readers like this when I was in high school but I think I would have loved to take a few of these home and test them out.

I also love to point them in the direction of a variety of web sites that I archive on my classroom web site. Generally I try to update my web site at the beginning of our break when I actually have time. My students can also get in touch with me via Twitter or e-mail at any time to ask for further suggestions, questions, etc.

What ideas do you have? What types of activities do you suggest for your students or do you require some type of summer reading or work?


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