I have been a public high school teacher in the state of Michigan since August 2004. I have taught high school Spanish 1-3, French 1-4, and Humanities 1-2. I am also AP Spanish Language and Culture-certified and attend our annual AP Summer Institute hosted by my school district.  I have primarily taught Spanish and have recently been exploring using technology in the classroom. Throughout my ten years of teaching French and Spanish, I have used a variety of methods including: TPR (Total Physical Response), TPRS (Teaching Proficiency Through Reading and Storytelling), Melinda Forward’s Curriculum, and most recently the textbook series Realidades.

I plan to continue teaching and integrating technology into my Spanish classes over the coming years. My other future goals include developing and aligning our current curriculum to be based around authentic materials and serve as a solid foundation for pre-AP work. I also intend to pursue the use of formative assessment and project-based learning; both of these tools can have powerful impacts on students.

I would also love to present and collaborate with other teachers who are passionate about technology in education and/or world language education.



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  1. My name is Michelle Burley, and I have been teaching French and Spanish in West Michigan since 1992, and I have also been swinging on this pendulum between TPRS and a text-book based curriculum. Looking over your recent posts, I see that your goals are the same as mine…to take our current textbook curriculum and use authentic texts, technology, comprehensible input, proficiency-based performance tasks, formative assessment and standards-based grading to improve our students’ proficiency, and readiness for AP. Please contact me if you would like to collaborate this summer. I am committed to working on this this summer, and I will gladly travel wherever you are in Michigan for the chance to collaborate with a like-minded experienced teacher!


    • Hello Michelle,

      I haven’t updated my posts since last summer! This has been a very busy year for us at school with many changes. We are currently continuing to use the Realiades textbook series primarily for our Spanish Level 1 and 2 courses. As you stated in your post, those are all key things that I would like to continue to work on in the coming years! I will be teaching Spanish 3 primarily next year but we still incorporate a couple of chapters from the Realidades Level 2 textbook.

      These are extremly lofty goals as I am well aware (and I am sure you are too). I definitely have some ideas about how to begin to make these changes so that we are not feeling overwhelmed by trying to do everything at once.

      I would love to collaborate with you this summer whether that be virtually or face-to-face!

      Which textbook series does your program use currently? Also, have you used any of the TPRS readers (or otherwise) in your classes?

      I will be attending our annual Advanced Placement Summer Institute for Spanish Language and Culture in July in our school district- Lapeer Community Schools. They also host one in Grandville and Traverse City and I would encourage you to attend one of these if you have never been before. I haven’t actually taught AP Spanish yet but I think it is incredibly important for all level teachers to attend these training in order to have a cohesive program from Level 1 through AP Spanish 5.

      My school e-mail address is: jgeroux@lapeerschools.org. Please feel free to contact me any time and we can try to set up some days to speak together or perhaps meet together this summer!

      Thank you for taking the time to read and respond to this post.


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